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I don't know when it started happening, but it did. As far as I can remember it started in 4th grade; however it could have been before that. It seems like that is the grade where the judging starts to begin. I was called short, was called a girl, and a bunch of other stuff. I guess people were jealous of me academically; although I could be wrong. Either way I became a target. Then the insults advanced. I began to get called gay. I hate that word. "Are you gay?", "You're gay!", "Why are you so gay?" Of course I did have some friends that backed me up, like a certain someone I know and she knows who she is. Then in 7th, you have all these new bullies. I still get called gay; not so much to my face though. It is mostly whispers. "He is so gay." I hate it. So I put a stop to it and told someone. Luckily it isn't as bad now as it used to be. I'm going to say right now that it isn't you it is them. You have to stick up for yourself. Don't ever be afraid to.
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Short Golf Tale
I chuckled to myself. I had the game in the bag. There was no way my opponent would score a hole in one. "Whack!", the ball went soaring but landed just short of the hole. Then a little crab scuttled onto the field and knocked the ball in costing me the game.
"That isn't fair!" I shouted.
"And why not?" my opponent asked smugly.
"Well for one thing, if it wasn't November when the stupid crabs migrate, you wouldn't have gotten a hole in one. I'm not playing a crab, I'm playing a person," I paused and spoke again, "Your skill didn't knock the ball in." I finished.
"And?" my opponent asked. It was obvious I was going to have to give another reason.
"Well in standard and pro golf matches, the obstacles don't move. This bright red crustacean is moving. Real obstacles like sand, water, and trees don't move. A crab is a moving hazard and the rules in golf say nothing of a moving hazard being allowed." I said trying to prove a point. My opponent just looked at me like I was stupid. "Must I giv
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It was late at night when Tasuke finished. She had worked nonstop all day and she was exhausted.  Daisuki's ears perked up and caught ear of a sound. "Kahh! Kahh! Ka-Shhh."  Daisuki's head quickly turned to see the orb shattered into tiny little glass fragments sprawled across the tiled floor. Leonid leaned on his hands and knees trying to catch his breath and steady himself. Tasuke walked over to him and helped him up to his feet. "Come on there isn't much time." Tasuke whispered.
"Who are you? Who is she? Where am I?" Leonid asked suspiciously.
"All in good time. Now listen to Tasuke she is right we need to go." Daisuki said walking over to the window and picking the lock.
Tasuke grabbed her book and took hold of Leonid and walked over to Daisuki who opened the lock with a "Click." Daisuki took hold of both Tasuke and Leonid and pounced out the window. " Ow!" Leonid groaned quietly.
"Oh suck it up." Daisuki said looking at him. He caught her gaze and they stared a
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Coming Together
Tasuke was hard at work when the door slammed open. "Tasuke! What is taking so long? Surely knowing you, you would be done by now." Soski screamed.
"I'm sorry but I have encountered an obstacle and have no idea what caused it." Tasuke replied. She looked at the orb that held Leonid captive. She felt a hand on her shoulder.
"Tasuke I know you are trying really hard. I also know that something is wrong. I feel a huge disturbance that we have overlooked and that needs to be fixed as soon as possible." Soski said and the door opened and in walked number five, no one knew what he looked like because he always had his hood covering his hair and eyes. He was holding Daisuki. "What have we here?" Soski asked as he lifted the girls chin.
Daisuki growled,"What do you want you insufferable freak?"
Soski laughed," Feisty aren't we?" he let go of her chin and Daisuki looked at Tasuke and Tasuke quickly looked away.
"You can go number five." Grabbing Daisuki roughly. Number 5 left and Soski threw Da
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